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Cast and crew

Hey, everybody. Here we have a little intro to who we are and what makes us peticularly worthy of having our very own comic. The first three, the ones about Vix, Jen and myself, were written by Vix, and edited by me.
No offense, Vixie, but you've got worse spelling and grammar than I do.
The headshots next to each bio are by my co-artist, Jen. I'll include my version of each character at the bottom, after the last bio.


Vix Face

Not her real name but close enough.

Vix has an unhealthy obcession with an old CGI cartoon called ReBoot, thus the icon on her shirt. Particularly with two of the main characters. Mouse, to whom Vix has built an extensive web shrine in her honor. Vix claims it is "the best damn Mouse shrine on the net." Subsequently it's also the ONLY mouse shrine on the net. And then there's Glitch Bob, who she wants to rape because he's shiney.

Vix is also the proud owner of a Glitch Bob clone who wears a towel. At least, in her own little world, she does.

Vix met Dan in college. After forcing him to watch the entire series of ReBoot and a failed romance they are now the best of friends. Even though she won't ever let him forget that she whooped him at their one and only game of chess. Which she likes to bring up whenever Dan's ego gets too inflated.

Vix has threatened to kill Dan should he ever try to open doors for her or pay for her meal. Which really made things dicey while they were going out. Vix also likes to talk about herself in third person.


Jen Face

AKA Proxy, but that takes too long to type. We're very lazy people here.

Residing in the far off wooded land of Washington she was introduced to Dan by Vix, who met her through ReBoot fan art. She too has an unhealthy obcession with Bob, (but who can blame her).

Jen and Dan forged a friendship out of insomnia and mutual hate of waiting tables. One often wonders when they sleep or if they even sleep at all. Maybe Jen and Dan are in fact robots bent on taking over the world and use late night IM to work out their plans.

With an unstoppable wanderlust Jen has traveled to Germany and hopes to eventually go to Austrailia and (God only knows why) Wyoming.

Jen is a self proclaimed bad driver and takes joy in striking fear into the hearts of those poor poor fools that ride with her.

Like the rest of the loser characters in this comic strip, Jen spends a lot of time online chatting and has masochistic hobbies that involve cutting herself with glass in order to make art.


Dan Face

He has a screen name but has never come up with a good explanation as to why it's "Running Duck."

Dan is the main character in Instant Messenger. I suppose you could say that makes him the hero, but Vix's hysterical laughter would quell any such thoughts on the matter.

Born and raised in big beautiful Wyoming, where there is more wildlife than humans and more conservative Republicans than you can beat with a stick, Dan has mysteriously developed a cynical view of the human race.

Dan is a spontanious kind of guy who doesn't manage money well, leading him to do things like hopping on a plane for Washington to visit Jen and not tell Vix (that jerk). Such being the case Dan is in constant search for a job that pays good money and doesn't involve selling his soul to the devil.

Dan also harbors a deep hatred for his roommate. Yet he finds some refuge with Vix who is quite possibly the only other person on campus that isn't a Jesus freak or a patron of underage binge drinking.

Dispite the fact that they are less than the length of a football field away from eachother Dan and Vix mostly communicate over IM, thus disproving the notion that technology brings people closer together.

Get in touch with me! RunningDuck@dangerous-minds.com