~Instant Messenger v. 1.0~
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Instant Messengerv. 1.0


From Dan

Hey, everybody. Quick question. Who's cooler? Mega Man or Pac Man?


From Dan
Okay, everybody. Immense appologies for the complete lack of updates this month. Due to my continued lack of scanner and no small deal of personal difficulties, including extended unemployment, I've been totally unable to upload, scan, or even draw much. This is not to say that I'm going to discontinue Instant Messenger. Far from it. Although it's going through some tough times, I fully intend to get it back up and running and updating on a biweekly basis again as soon as humanly possible.

I'm in the process of developing an actual plotline as well. So, you can expect {insert dramatic music here} continuity.

So, if you'll play along for a little longer, I'll have things under control before too long. And again, I appologize for the lack of comics.



From Dan
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
-Douglas Adams

Well, yet another update and I have no comic to post. My crappy little $20 webcam will not cooperate with this comic, and I'm having a hell of a time uploading it. Ah, well. At least Jen's more reliable.

Let's see, anything else in my world worth talking about? Umm, no. Kay. Well, later then. I'll get in touch with Jen and get her to write something.


From Jen
Ach, how I love the heat. It's been insanely warm here for the past while, and I just adore it. Went camping the other day. . . .Isn't it funny how people pout when you go somewhere? I think it's so cute. ^_^ But here's a hint to the rest of the world, don't hike in sandals. . . . .And if you came to swim, but ended up getting pressured into hiking, bitch-slap he who talked you into it, and stay and swim. Kaiyai~ my feet hurt so bad. Not as bad as Tearsa's tho. . .that poor girl went up in Flipflops. *grumbles* Ohwell. The view was gorgeous, and heavenknows I needed the workout. . .^_^ *blushes*

Now I'm back. . . . .And again waiting for the college to let out so I can travel again. . . . .*impatient*. . . . .

And every time a ticket or something comes in, it just gets worse. *would run circles if her feet didn't hurt*

Enough ramble from me. . . .


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